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  1. Machinery That Helps Make Memories Identified
  2. StuCNS Response REEG-Guidance For Resistant Depression Superior To APA Guidelines Mos
  3. Neuroscience 2008
  4. Light Drinking In Pregnancy Not Bad For Children, Says UCL Study
  5. Predicting Depression In People With Rheumatoid Arthritis
  6. Parents Welcome Discussing Drinking Habits With Their Child's Doctor, Children's Hosp
  7. Canadian Province Considering New HIV/AIDS Treatment Strategy To Target Highly Vulner
  8. Can We Identify Depressed Patients Who Are Not Going To Respond To Drug Treatment?
  9. World-First Drinking Study Reports Australian Football League Players At Risk
  10. Drinking Pattern And Preferences Of Hispanics In US
  11. Possible Link Between Seasonal Affective Disorder And Genetic Mutation
  12. Australia's AFL Players Found To Be At Risk Following World-First Drinking Study
  13. Smoking, Drinking Harmful to Students' GPAs, Study Concludes
  14. Parents Back Alcohol Screening During Pediatric Visits
  15. AZILECT(R) Shown To Be A Selective MAO-B Inhibitor - Teva To Work With FDA To Modify
  16. MRI Reveals Relationship Between Depression And Pain
  17. Adult Alcohol Screening: New Study Finds Parents Open To Screening And Intervention I
  18. Increased Crystal Meth Use Threatens Cambodia's HIV/AIDS Progress, NGOs Say
  19. Link Between Male-To-Female Partner Violence And Greater Alcohol Outlet Density
  20. High Proportion Of French Prisoners Suffer From Psychiatric Disorders And Substance
  21. Extended Suboxone Treatment Substantially Improves Outcomes For Opioid-Addicted Young
  22. Response Rates To Antidepressants Differ Among Spanish- And English-Speaking Hispanic
  23. Psychodynamic Treatment May Help Depression. Results From A Finnish Study
  24. Somewhat Better Outcomes With Longer-Term Treatment For Opioid-Addicted Youth
  25. Alcohol Advice Needs To Play A Greater Role In Sex Education For Teenagers
  26. Welsh Action Plan To Reduce Suicide And Self-Harm
  27. Beer is Preferred Beverage of U.S. Hispanics
  28. SBI Program Reduces Heavy Alcohol Use and Illicit Drug Use, Study Says
  29. Health Consultation Increases Healthy Student Behavior
  30. New Fast Track Help For Areas With Most Severe Alcohol Problems
  31. OraSure's Intercept Oral Fluid Drug Test Results Comparable To Urine Drug Screening A
  32. Michigan Voters Say Yes To Medical Marijuana
  33. Depression Patients Show Altered Response To Pain
  34. Gambling Addiction In Louisiana Remains Prevalent, According To Study
  35. Impulse Control Region In Brain Affected In Teens With Genetic Vulnerability For Alco
  36. New Study Demonstrates Cost Effectiveness Of NeuroStar TMS Therapy(R) In The Treatmen
  37. Healthier Future Begins When You Quit Tobacco Use - Deb Murray, Respiratory Care Prac
  38. Alcoholics Anonymous Celebrates 73 Years of Aiding Recovery
  39. Domestic Violence A Growing Problem For Veterans
  40. Calling For A Convention To Control Alcohol
  41. Nickel a Drink to Save State Budgets
  42. Improving And Refining Light Therapy Seasonal Affective Disorder, From Harvard Mental
  43. In Kidney Disease Patients On Dialysis Behavioral Therapy Helps Overcome Depression
  44. Babies Who Get Incubator Care After Birth Have Lower Risk Of Depression As Adults, Un
  45. Study Improves Recovery For Mothers With Depression, University Of Liverpool, England
  46. Calif.: Nickel a Drink to Keep the Deficit Away
  47. N.Y. Cuts Funding for Treatment Programs Aimed at Ex-Offenders
  48. Depression Can Hamper Glucose Control In People With Diabetes
  49. Chronic Pain Might Contribute To Suicidal Thoughts
  50. Raptor Pharmaceuticals Corp. Announces Positive Phase IIa Clinical Study Results For
  51. Longer Treatment Stays Prove Beneficial
  52. Heart Association Call For Routine Screening Of Heart Patients For Depression Is Prem
  53. Light Triggers A New Code For Brain Cells
  54. New Data Presented For SEROQUEL XRTM In Major Depressive Disorder And Generalised Anx
  55. Possible Association Between CP And LC Of Alcoholic Etiology
  56. Alcohol License Lost Over Incriminating Facebook Photos
  57. U.K. Studies Alter Recommendations On Low-Level Alcohol, Caffeine Consumption During
  58. Greater Risk Of Death For African-Americans With Depression And Heart Attack
  59. Mathematical Models Resolve Controversy Over Nicotine Addiction
  60. Doctors Must Look After Their Health Too - British Medical Journal
  61. 'BioBeer' Hailed for Life-Extending Properties
  62. TheraQuest's IND For Abuse Deterrent Strong Opioid (TQ-1015) Accepted By FDA
  63. New Study Shows Higher Taxes Reduced Alcohol-Related Disease Mortality
  64. Anheuser-Busch, InBev Merger Approved
  65. Deaths Go Down When Alcohol Taxes Go Up, Study
  66. High Rate Of IDUs In Pakistan Living With HIV/AIDS, Official Says
  67. Potential Treatment To Prevent Relapse To Methamphetamine Abuse
  68. Effects Of Cocaine Use On Mother-Infant Relationships Studied By UNC, Yale Partnershi
  69. Families, Friends, Schools And Neighborhoods Contribute To Adolescent Alcohol Misuse
  70. New Data, New Directions In Management Of Mood And Anxiety Disorders - 8th Internatio
  71. CNS Response Provides Poster Review Regarding The Use Of SSRIs In Children And Adoles
  72. Denial In Drug Addiction May Be Explained By 'Insight' Deficit
  73. Depression Screening May Not Benefit Heart Disease Patients
  74. Study: Tax Increases Result in Lower Alcohol-Related Mortality
  75. In Cocaine Addiction, Drug-Related Preference Extends To Images
  76. 15.6% Of Hawaii's Public High School Students Obese - 5,600 Students Attempted Suicid
  77. Improper Disposal Of Medications Can Lead To Abuse, Other Issues, Wyoming Department
  78. Survey Indicates Wyoming Youth Don't Use Drugs As Much As Peers Believe
  79. 3 Esophageal, Stomach Cancer Subtypes Linked To Smoking; 1 Associated With Alcohol Us
  80. News From Annals Of Internal Medicine, Nov. 18, 2008, Issue
  81. In Russia Hazardous Alternatives To Alcohol Beverages Are Still Widely Available
  82. Abstract Award Received By Bmc Nurse Manager
  83. Adverse Effects Of Ecstasy To Be Studied By UA Pharmacy Researcher
  84. Alcohol Must Be Part of Conversation on Sexual Health, Researchers Say
  85. Alcohol and Cigarettes Combined Pose Greater Cancer Risk
  86. American College Of Physicians Finds No Substantial Differences Among "Second-Generat
  87. $14 Million In Savings Over 10 Years And Huge Health Gains At Canada's Supervised Inj
  88. Direct Link Found Between Alcohol Sponsorship And Hazardous Drinking Among Sportspeop
  89. Individualists More Likely To Be Problem Drinkers
  90. Link Between Nicotine Addiction And Autism
  91. Prognosis After Attempted Suicide Impaired By Psychiatric Disorder
  92. Somerset Mental Health Trust Will Support Armed Services Personnel, England
  93. Alcohol Sponsorship Linked To Hazardous Drinking In Sportspeople
  94. NIMH Grant Awarded To Rutgers Center For Behavioral Health Services, Criminal Justice
  95. Free Nicotine Patches Now Available To Massachusetts Veterans And Their Families
  96. California Dental Hygienists Urge Greater Awareness Of "Meth Mouth" As An Early Indic
  97. Overuse Of Narcotics And Barbiturates May Make Migraine Worse
  98. Discovery Of Extensive Use Of Illicit Alcohol
  99. Heavy Drinkers Lie to Doctors about Alcohol Use
  100. Lower Alcohol Limit Needed To Reduce Deaths On Our Roads, Says British Medical Associ
  101. Study Finds Link Between Mood Disorders, Self-Medication
  102. Innovative Drugs-of-Abuse Testing System Announced By Philips And Concateno
  103. Study Improves Recovery For Mothers With Depression
  104. Illicit Alcohol Use Adds to 'Global Burden of Disease'
  105. Teens and Drug-Related Internet Videos
  106. Young Travelers In Australia At Risk Of HIV, Other STIs Because Of Drinking Habits, S
  107. Computers Make Sense Of Experiments On Human Disease
  108. Novel Antidepressant Valdoxan(R), Receives EMEA CHMP Positive Opinion For Major Depre
  109. Light To Moderate Alcohol Consumption: Exploring The Health And Protective Benefits
  110. Hazardous Drinking Among New Zealand University Students Has Its Roots In High School
  111. Drinking Intensity Can Be Influenced By Specific DNA Variations Of The Serotonin Tran
  112. The Human Cost Of The Recession Begs For More Services To Help Cope With Surge In Men
  113. Researchers Discover How Compounds Found In Red Wine Thwart Alzheimer's Disease In Mi
  114. Study Finds Depression In Adults 100 Years Old And Over Is Poorly Understood, Under D
  115. HEALTH Gets $4.5 Million Grant To Promote Childhood Health And Development, Rhode Isl
  116. Pregnancy Study Finds Strong Association Between Two Antidepressants And Heart Anomal
  117. Searching For A Cognitive Behaviour Therapist? This Is The Place To Go, UK
  118. Blocking A Neuropeptide Receptor Decreases Nicotine Addiction
  119. Depressive Symptoms In Daughters Increased By Mothers' Mental Games
  120. Report Finds More Underage Drinking Among Those Who Bought Own Booze
  121. Five Million Americans Attend Self-Help Groups, SAMHSA Estimates
  122. 'Mind' Comments On Government 'Fit Note' Plans, UK
  123. Inactivity Linked To Increased Cardiovascular Risk In Depressed Heart Patients
  124. Reclaiming Futures Launches Blog Dedicated to Juvenile Justice/Teens Struggling with
  125. New Nationwide Report Reveals That 5 Million People Participate In Self-Help Groups E
  126. Anti-Depressant-Associated Changes In Semen Parameters
  127. 2008 American College Of Neuropsychopharmacology's Annual Meeting
  128. Testimony About Discrimination And Mental Illness Sought - Wyoming Department Of Heal
  129. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) 'Works Best With Recurrent Depression'
  130. Pregnancy Loss 'Increases Risk Of Drug And Alcohol Use'
  131. Drinking Patterns More Important Than Total Imbibed In Cardivascular Disease Risk
  132. Injection Drug Use Accounts For Two-Thirds Of HIV Cases In Russia, Agency Says
  133. Doctors Often Skip Health Behavior Conversations With Teens
  134. Younger Alcoholic Men At Risk For Osteoporosis
  135. IMPAX Receives Final FDA Approval For Generic Wellbutrin(R) XL 150 Mg
  136. New Treatment Hope For People With Recurring Depression
  137. Mayo Clinic Seeks New Therapies For Alcoholic Hepatitis
  138. Depression Research: Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (Expert Available)
  139. Drinkaware Launches Campaign For A Christmas To Remember, UK
  140. New Test For Depression
  141. Christmas Shoppers "In Denial", Warns Psychologist
  142. MADD: New Data Shows Disturbing Number of Repeat Drunk Drivers on America's Roadways
  143. Study Finds Link Between Binge Drinking and Cardiovascular Disease
  144. Extended-Release Naltrexone, Treatment For Alcohol Dependence, Improves Quality-of-li
  145. Not Such A Happy Christmas For Addiction Sufferers
  146. Relationships May Suffer When There Is Too Much Commitment: Depression, Anxiety, Erod
  147. Women At Risk Of Sexual Assault On College Campuses
  148. HIV Risk Factors, Misconceptions Could Lead To 'Rapid Spread' Of Virus In Egypt, Dail
  149. Consuming Up To Two Drinks Per Day Not Associated With Increased Risk Of Irregular He
  150. Community Asks Neb. Governor to Reverse 'Alcopops' Ruling
  151. Veterans Celebrate Sober Thanksgiving
  152. Few College-Age Adults with Behavioral Health Problems Treated
  153. Some Progress But Government Has Missed Opportunities In Queen's Speech, British Medi
  154. Doctors Fail to Discuss Substance Use with Teens
  155. Nearly 5 Percent Of The US Population Suffers From Persistent Depression Or Anxiety
  156. Try Science When 'Just Saying No' Isn't Enough
  157. Time's Up For Irresponsible Drink Deals, UK
  158. Late-Onset Hypogonadism: New Recommendations By Scientific Societies
  159. More Action Needed To Tackle Alcohol Misuse, Says British Medical Association
  160. Morning Sun Is Good For You - And For Those Around You In The Winter
  161. What Research Should You Believe? St. John's Wort Helps People With Major Depression
  162. Brain Damage May Be Causing Drunk Drivers To Re-Offend
  163. Is Happiness Infectious?
  164. Happy Contagion
  165. Drug And Alcohol Abuse Double Risk Of ICU Admission
  166. Study: Holiday Drinking Fuels Bad Behavior
  167. Ban on Happy Hour and Pub Crawls Proposed in U.K.
  168. Moderate Alcohol Use During Pregnancy Linked to Behavior Problems in Children
  169. Close Proximity To Alcohol Outlets Puts Adolescents At Greater Risk
  170. Depression Rife Among Medical Students
  171. Alkermes Initiates Clinical Trial For ALKS 33, A Novel Oral Molecule With Potential B
  172. Moderate Wine Intake Associated With Higher Levels Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Considered
  173. Largest Gathering Of Neuromodulation Experts Explores Breaking Developments In Neurod
  174. Iraq, Afghanistan Veterans Should Be Evaluated In Long-Term Studies To Better Underst
  175. NY Training To Address Binge Drinking and Safety Issues for Young Women
  176. UK Gyms To Make Members Aware Of Alcohol's Impact On Exercise And Health
  177. Study Finds Link Between Adolescent Drinking and Adult Tolerance
  178. Marin Institute Contest Seeks to Counter Super Bowl Beer Ads
  179. De-Medicalising Misery Conference, University Of East Londond And University College
  180. Guinness Premiership Rugby Players Support Responsible Drinking This Christmas, UK
  181. Make Holiday Parties Safe For Friends And Family; Don't Drink And Drive, Say Nebraska
  182. CSPI: Naughty Brewers Sully Santa in Beer Promos
  183. SAMHSA Releases New Data on Drug-Related Hospital Emergency Department Visits, 2006
  184. Study: Program To Deter Youth Alcohol Use Also Reduces Conduct Problems
  185. NHS Needs New Approach To Tackle Nation's Unhealthy Lifestyles - The King's Fund, Uk
  186. Animal Studies Show Sugar Can Be Addictive
  187. Encore Therapeutics Inc. Demonstrates Proof Of Concept For A Long-Acting Buprenorphin
  188. Having A Sibling With Mental Illness Increases Your Risk Of Depression
  189. Genetic Underpinnings Of Nicotine Addiction Probed By Penn Researchers
  190. Important Data On The Unmet Needs Of Depression Patients - ISPOR 11th Annual European
  191. Drinkaware's Festive Viral Gives Christmas Cheer On Youtube, UK
  192. French Doctor Says Baclofen Cures Addiction
  193. Chinese Government's Treatment Of Drug Users Hindering Efforts To Curb Spread Of HIV,
  194. New Episodes Of Depression Delayed In People Taking Cymbalta(R) - Fewer Patients On T
  195. Panic Attacks Linked To Higher Risk Of Heart Attacks And Heart Disease, Especially In
  196. Postpartum Depression And Poor Sleep Quality Linked
  197. Tracking Community-wide Drug Use By Testing Water At Sewage Treatment Plants - Enviro
  198. Genetic Markers Identified For Alcohol Response In UCSF Gallo Study
  199. Study Showed New Episodes Of Depression Delayed In People Taking Cymbalta(R)
  200. Many Drug Overdose Deaths Due To Non-Medical Use Of Prescription Pain Medication
  201. Senators Call Extending Bar Hours for Inauguration a Bad Idea
  202. Irritable Bowel Syndrome Can Have Genetic Causes
  203. Zero Tolerance Proposed for U.K. Drivers Under 21
  204. Technology Can Help Addicts Who Are Trying To Quit
  205. Downward Trend In Teen Marijuana Use Slows; Prescription Drug Abuse Remains High, USA
  206. Annual Monitoring The Future Survey On Drug Abuse Shows Decline In OTC Cough Medicine
  207. Role Of Epigenetics In Behavior Revealed By Anxious Mice
  208. Study Questions Success Of Anti-Meth Ads
  209. Markmonitor Warns Of The Online Availability Of Diet Pills That Can Seriously Damage
  210. Advocates Optimistic About Needle-Exchange Program Approval In Bexar County, Texas
  211. Study Showed New Episodes Of Depression Delayed In People Taking Duloxetine
  212. MillerCoors Takes a Step Back from Santa
  213. Study Finds More ER Visits for People with Addictions, Mental Illness
  214. Safety Can Be Learned - And Helps Combat Depression
  215. Alcohol And Licensing Policy Could Be Changing The Habits Of Young Drinkers
  216. Study Shows Slower Cognitive Decline for Women Drinkers
  217. San Diego Prevention Coalition Wins Top CADCA Honors
  218. Needle-Exchange Programs 'Save' Lives, Money, Editorial Says
  219. Heart And Blood Vessels Damaged By Depression, Anxiety Which Spur Poor Health Habits
  220. News From The American Chemical Society, Dec. 10, 2008
  221. All Patients Should Be Asked About Alcohol And Drug Abuse
  222. Study: Researchers, Subjects Have Different Definitions of Drinking, Drunkenness
  223. Report Points To Lack Of Public Awareness Of Health Guidelines, UK
  224. The Language Of Intoxication: The Term 'Drunk' Doesn't Really Cut It Any More
  225. Alcohol And A Polymorphism Of The Monoamine Oxidase A Gene Can Predict Impulsive Viol
  226. Antidepressants Most Common Medication For Australian Women
  227. Are Older Antidepressants Better For Depression In Parkinson's Disease?
  228. Reward-Stress Link Points To New Targets For Treating Addiction
  229. Study Says Pre-Drinking Part of a 'New Culture of Intoxication'
  230. MillerCoors Agrees to Stop Selling Alcoholic Energy Drinks
  231. SAMHSA Releases New Data On Drug-Related Hospital Emergency Department Visits
  232. Oregon Partnership tells Old Navy Stores to ??Stop Selling Holiday Binge Drinking T-
  233. Gene May Make Some Drinkers More Prone to Violence
  234. Couple Sues Airline for Overserving Alcohol
  235. French Youths Pick Up Bad Drinking Habits
  236. Emergency Calls At Record Levels In England
  237. Fresno County, Calif., Officials Approve Needle-Exchange Program
  238. Not-For-Profit Offers Payment To Drug Users Who Undergo Long-Term Birth Control Proce
  239. Make Scotland's Roads Safer: Reduce Drink Driving Limits
  240. Concateno Team With Merck To Bring Road-Side Drug Testing To India
  241. Moderate Alcohol Intake May Protect Against Cognitive Decline In Older Women
  242. Better Service Integration Needed For Co-Occurring Substance Use And Mental Disorders
  243. 'Don't Drink And Ride': Improving Subway Safety
  244. Oregon Partnership Tells Old Navy Stores: 'Stop Selling Holiday Binge Drinking T-Shir
  245. Gene May Increase Drinkers' Colon Cancer Risk
  246. Prenatal Drinking Affects White Matter in Brain, Study Finds
  247. $6 Million Study Will Seek To Break Cycle Of Chemical Dependence And Incarceration
  248. Call for Youth Submissions for 'Free the Bowl' Video Contest
  249. Mass. Program Credited with Cutting Underage Drinking, Tobacco Use
  250. Long-Term Birth Control Program Aimed At Drug Users Should Include Counseling Require