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Support Groups

Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc. – Support for those suffering from alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

Families Anonymous – 12 Step support for families with relatives or loved ones who suffer from alcohol abuse or addiction.

LifeRing Secular Recovery – A community of people building lives free of drug or alcohol dependence.

Alateen – 12-step support for young people who have been affected by someone else’s drinking.

Adult Children of Alcoholics – 12-step recovery for individuals who were raised by alcoholic parents or dysfunctional households.

Calix Society – Catholic alcoholics maintaining sobriety through AA.

Overcomer’s Outreach – Christ-centered 12-step support for those affected by addictions.

Secular Organizations for Sobriety – Mutual help for alcoholics who want to maintain sobriety without connecting recovery to any religious denomination.

Women for Sobriety – Support for women who are chemically dependent.

International Lawyers in Alcoholics Anonymous – Support groups for lawyers who are recovering alcoholics.

International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous – Opportunity for doctors to find common solutions to alcohol addiction.

Mothers Against Drug Driving – Mothers with a mission to stop drunk driving and provide support for victims of violent crimes.


Recovery International – Provides weekly support groups that are peer-led for those suffering from emotional and mental conditions.

Anxiety & Depression Association of America – State-by-state listings of local support groups that help with anxiety and depression.

Panic Survivor – Support groups for people who suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, generalized anxiety and social anxiety disorder as well as PTSD, OCD and other forms of anxiety.

Social Phobias Anonymous – 12-step support for those with social anxiety disorder, social phobia and similar problems.


Parents of Murdered Children – Social support nation-wide for parents who have lost children due to violence.

Twinless Twin – Support group for twins who have lost their brother or sister.

Heartbeat – Mutual support for those who have lost a loved one to suicide.

Society of Military Widows – For military men and women who have lost a loved on in the uniformed services.

Grief Share – Biblical 12-week support groups for those grieving the loss of a loved one.

GRASP – Grief Recovery After Substance Passing, a support group for parents and others who have lost a loved one to substance abuse.


Co-Dependents Anonymous – Support for families and loved ones who are co-dependent.

Changing Attitudes in Recovery – Self-help family sharing a commitment to healthy self esteem.

No More Mr. Nice Guide – Online support group for co-dependent individuals who are tired of constantly seeking approval from peers.


Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance – Connecting people with support groups that aid in recovery from depression and mental illness.

PPMD Support – Postpartum mood disorder support group for women.

Depressed Anonymous – 12-step depression support for those who believe and hope they can feel better.

Drug Abuse

Narcotics Anonymous – 12-step support for the men and women suffering from addiction to drugs.

Cocaine Anonymous – Support for those in recovery from cocaine addiction.

Nar-Anon Family Groups – Support for the family and friends of those addicted to drugs.

Co-Anon Family Groups – Support for the family and friends of those using cocaine, crack and other drugs.

Crystal Meth Anonymous – Support groups for those in recovery from methamphetamine addiction.

National Family Partnership – Support, education and information for parents to address drug prevention.

Pills Anonymous – Self-help and self-supporting anonymous program for those in recovery from addiction to prescription medications.

Dual Recovery Anonymous – Support for those in recovery from more than one addiction or dual diagnosis such as substance abuse and a co-occurring mental health disorder.

Marijuana Anonymous World Services – Fellowship of men and women provided supportive care for one another while in recovery from marijuana addiction.

Eating Disorders

Food Addicts Anonymous –  Support for men and women who are addicted to food.

National Association of Anorexia Nervosa & Associated Disorders – Support for those suffering from anorexia and related disorders.

Eating Disorders Anonymous – Fellowship of men and women sharing experience, strength and support for eating disorder recovery.

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous – Support for food addicted men and women who are in recovery.

Something Fishy – Support for those seeking recovery from eating disorders.

National Organization for Males with Eating Disorders – Mutual support for men who suffer from eating disorders.


Gamblers Anonymous – 12-step fellowship of peers who share experiences, strengths and hope to recover from compulsive gambling.

Gam-Anon Family Groups – 12-step fellowship for the men and women who have husbands, wives or close relatives who are compulsive gamblers.

Bettors Anonymous – Support for those in recovery from gambling addiction or compulsive gambling.

Sex Addiction

S-Anon – 12-step group for people who have a friend or family member with a problem of sexual addiction.

Sexual Compulsives Anonymous – Support for men and women who are sexually compulsive and ready to recover.

Sexaholics Anonymous – 12-step program of recovery for those who wish to stop sexually self-destructive behaviors.

'Plunge' event deals with the problems facing youth and alcohol

Like it or not, Wisconsinites are known for loving beer about as much as their passion for cheese. Some studies, though, are showing that this alcohol-enamored mentality isn’t exclusive to the Dairy State’s adults. As a result, some groups are organizing efforts to curb underage drinking among Wisconsin’s youth. One such event-called “The Plunge”-was held….

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Overcoming a drink problem

If you think you drink too much, and you are not content with that, then you need to take action. Nobody can force you to reduce your alcohol intake, or make you seek professional help. The only person who can take responsibility for your drinking is YOU. No one else can change your lifestyle, but….

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One little glass can't hurt an alcoholic, can it?

Can a recovering alcoholic still have the occasional drink, or is it the road back to oblivion? Claire had been sober for two years when she began a relationship with another recovering alcoholic. One evening at his house he made a suggestion. “How do you think we would react if we had just one drink?”….

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Overeaters Anonymous provides support in fight against compulsion

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. — Facing a dozen strangers seated around a table, the heavyset man with thinning hair put down his coffee and paused before introducing himself: “My name is Christian. And I’m a compulsive overeater.” For the next hour, members of the MetroWest Intergroup of Overeaters Anonymous shared personal stories of long-term weight gain and….

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Alcohol intervention group looks to change party culture

Alcohol intervention program

After taking a writing course on public health and seeing the dangers of alcohol firsthand, senior microbiology major Jonathan Higgins decided the college “party culture” needed to be changed. That’s when he learned of a program that aimed to change culture and educate people about the dangers of alcohol consumption. Student Emergency Medical Services began….

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Gambling: Counseling has big payoffs

Gambling addiction can leave a person’s life in shambles, but there is a road to recovery. Both nationally and locally, there are support groups, treatment options and assessment tools to help people get through gambling problems, and keep them away from gambling. The first step, though, is finding out if a person is a problem….

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Stop Drinking Now…7 Tips to Alcohol Recovery

Drinking Alcohol is a serious health issue and affects almost everyone in one way or another, so this article will help guide you towards a guaranteed method of quitting this forsaken addiction. If you feel that this subject may affect you or somebody you know, then please read on with an open mind as you….

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Alcohol is a choice, not a disease.

I started drinking in Denver, Colorado back in the fifties when the drinking age for 3.2 beer was eighteen and there were quite a few 3.2 Bars in Denver. I loved the bar atmosphere where one could let go of their inhibitions and watch others do the same. My particular interest at that time were….

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