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Diagnosis of ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is termed as ADHD. This disorder is commonly seen in small children. The children suffering from ADHD disorder are very impulsive, hyperactive and find it difficult to concentrate. Since, this kind of behavior is common in small children; it becomes difficult to differentiate between normal behavior and ADHD disorder. Therefore, it is quite difficult to diagnose ADHD in small children. However, if ADHD is suspected, it is advisable for the parents to consult a professional, with training in ADHD, for carrying out the diagnosis of ADHD in their children. The physician needs to carry out a series of evaluation to carry out accurate diagnosis, as there is no biological test available, which can identify the ADHD in children. A complete physical examination must be done to ensure that the child is not suffering by other health problem like vision problem, hearing problem or epilepsy that has similar symptoms to ADHD.

The diagnosis of ADHD also involves gathering information like the child’s medical history for finding out his earlier medical experience like head injury, prenatal exposure to toxins which may cause ADHD. Information regarding the nature of the child’s behavioral difficulties, quality of relationship between the child and his parents, family’s medical history will contribute a lot towards accurate diagnosis of ADHD. The child’s social and academic performance at school will also prove to be of great help in diagnosing ADHD. The teachers input plays an important role in evaluating the child’s performance at school, as she is capable of identifying whether the child has certain underlying learning disorder.

Apart from the other information, the child himself can be an excellent source of information. Therefore, while carrying out the process of diagnosis of ADHD, the child himself must be involved. The child’s own perception in relation to his environment can also prove to be of great help and can provide some important insights.

A proper and accurate diagnosis of ADHD is sure to help cure the child of this mental disorder and lead a normal mental and physical health of the child resulting in a successful future of the child.

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