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10 ways to detoxify your body

It is necessary to detox your body if start feeling sluggish, have aches, pains, skin and digestive problems and start straying from your healthier health habits. Below given are 10 ways to detoxify your body.

Firstly, it is recommended to eat plenty of foods that contain fiber. This includes foods like brown rice, fresh fruits and vegetables. Cabbage, broccoli, radish, beetroots, chlorella artichokes, seaweed and spirulina are the best detoxifying foods. You can protect and clean your liver by the intake of the herbs like burdock, dandelion root and milk thistle. Also drinking green tea is very beneficial.

Include vitamin C in your diet. Vitamin C helps in the production of glutathione that is a compound of the liver to drive away the toxins. Drink adequate water. It is suggested to drink atleast 2 quarts of water everyday. Water helps to drive away the impurities and the toxins from the body in the form of urine.

Whenever you breathe, take deep breaths. Thus, the oxygen circulation in the body takes place more completely through the different systems in your body. Always think positively. By emphasizing on positive emotions, you can transform your stress easily.

Use hydrotherapy by taking a hot shower for few minutes by allowing the water to run on the back. Then follow with cold water. Repeat this thrice and then lay in the bed for half an hour. Sweat in sauna to eliminate the body wastes through perspiration. Dry-brush your skin or use Detox foot spas, foot baths or detoxifying patches. Exercising is also very beneficial.

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