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  1. Needle/Syringe Programmes And Opioid Substitution Therapy Should Be Widely Available
  2. Resolving To Break An Addiction? Help From Harvard Medical School
  3. More Advice On Healthy Living, UK
  4. Prozac: Not Just For Depression
  5. FDA Requires Additional Data For Seroquel XR Supplemental New Drug Application
  6. Alarming Number Of Young Drink Drivers Think They Won't Get Caught, UK
  7. Men Sexually Abused In Childhood 10 Times More Likely To Contemplate Suicide
  8. Research Finds Genetic Connection Between PTSD, Depression And Anxiety
  9. Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy: Published Reports Inaccurate
  10. MU Professor Recommends Changing Drivers' Perceptions Of Law Enforcement To Deter Dru
  11. Drinkers With The Alcohol Dehydrogenase 1C*1 Gene Are At Greater Risk Of Colorectal C
  12. White Matter, The Brain's Connective Network Damaged By Prenatal Alcohol Exposure
  13. For Teens Who Take Few Health Risk And Those Who Take Many, Trends In Sexual Behavior
  14. New 'Smart' Materials For The Brain
  15. Binge Drinking A Socially Acceptable British Pastime
  16. Economic Downturn To Increase Pressure On General Practice, Warn GP Managers In The U
  17. Well-Developed Community Mental-Health Services Are Associated With Lower Suicide Rat
  18. Hospitality Industry Called On To Offer Free Non-alcoholic Drinks For Designated Driv
  19. Published Reports Inaccurate Concerning Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy
  20. New Strategies For The New Year: Resolving To Break An Addiction? Help From Harvard M
  21. Family Rejection Of Lesbian, Gay And Bisexual Children Linked To Poor Health In Early
  22. Risk Takers, Drug Abusers Driven By Decreased Ability To Process Dopamine
  23. Flowering Plants Speed Post-surgery Recovery
  24. Department Promoting Early Substance Use Screening Process
  25. Colorado QuitLine Offers Tobacco Users Hundreds Of Dollars In Valuable Service And Pr
  26. Youth Drinking Higher Where Alcohol Outlets Proliferate
  27. Alcohol Abstinence Vs. Moderation, From The Harvard Mental Health Letter
  28. Risky Behavior Prominent On Teen MySpace Profiles
  29. Efforts To Curb HIV Among Drug Users In Vietnam Show Success, Still Face Challenges
  30. 1 In 4 Australian Children Have A Parent With A Mental Illness
  31. Suicide Rate In England And Wales 'fell After London Bombings'
  32. Childhood Trauma And Risk For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Connected By Biological Link
  33. Comprehensive Study Of Medicaid Records Finds Substance Abuse Increases The Cost Of O
  34. Majority Of Teens Discuss Risky Behaviors On MySpace, Studies Conclude
  35. Number Of Babies Exposed To Drugs Effectively Reduced By 'Recovery Coaches'
  36. Using Chronic Care Model Helps To Improve People's Health And Care
  37. Binge Drinking Linked to Sexual Risk for Gay Men
  38. Prevent Drunk Driving by Highlighting Risk of Arrest, Researchers Say
  39. News From The Journal Of Neuroscience, 6-Jan-2009
  40. NIDA Releases A New Research Report On Comorbidity Of Addiction And Other Mental Illn
  41. Access To Health Care For Children Ages 10 To 19 Lacking, According To Report
  42. Study: Recovery Coaches Reduce Number of Substance-exposed Births
  43. Study: Recovery Coaches Reduce Number of Substance-Exposed Births
  44. Binge Drinking Among MSM In New York City Linked To Increased HIV Risk, Study Says
  45. QuantRx(R) Announces FDA 510(k) Clearance For Its RapidSense(R) Methamphetamine Test
  46. New Test Will Catch Sports Cheats On New Endurance Drugs
  47. Getting Through Those Winter Blues, UK
  48. NIDA Releases New Report on Comorbidity of Addiction and Other Mental Illnesses
  49. Catalyst Reaches Enrollment Target For Its U.S. Phase II Cocaine Trial
  50. Dr. Francis Lee Recognized For Developing Genetic Test To Guide The Treatment Of Depr
  51. Preventing Teenage Depression By Recognizing Children's Successes In All Areas
  52. Brain Disorder Suggests Common Mechanism May Underlie Many Neurodegenerative Diseases
  53. Grants, Efforts Seek To Address Racial Health Disparities
  54. New Treatment Methods for Returning Troops Sought
  55. Less Than One in Five Inmates Needing Addiction Treatment Gets Help, NIDA Reports
  56. Link Between Problem Drinking Among African-American Women In NYC And Outdoor Alcohol
  57. Drug Abusing Offenders Not Getting Treatment They Need In Criminal Justice System, US
  58. Reduction in Drinking During Alcohol Treatment Reduces Hypertension
  59. New York Trains Counselors to Treat Dual Diagnosis
  60. Army Proposes Suspension of Counseling Notification Policy
  61. Early Endothelial Dysfunction As A Marker Of Vasculogenic Erectile Dysfunction In You
  62. Gender Difference In Severity Of Rheumatoid Arthritis
  63. Alcohol Exposure In The Womb Affects 'teenage' Booze Behavior
  64. New Research Reveals Groups Reduce The Effect Of Alcohol
  65. Warning Systems Can Prevent Suicide Among Young Men With Substance Abuse
  66. Improving Mood And Serious Mental Illness With Physical Activity
  67. Alcohol Taxes Have Clear Effect On Drinking - New Study Reports Re-Analyses Of Over 3
  68. Join Together Merges Into CASA* -- Rosenbloom Named President and CEO of CASA -- Cali
  69. Join Together and CASA to Merge,
  70. Alcopop Makers Elude Calif. Tax Hike
  71. Alcohol Tax Increases Deter Drinking
  72. Postnatal Depression Can Be Effectively Treated And Possibly Prevented
  73. Socially Stable Individuals Delay Seeking Help For Alcohol Problems
  74. Moderate Alcohol Consumption May Help Seniors Keep Disabilities At Bay
  75. CSPI: NCAA Alcohol Advertising Policies Not Restrictive, Despite Claim
  76. Prescription Opioid Abuse, Addiction Less Common Than Many Believe
  77. Oxford Authority Leads Student Suicide Seminar
  78. Drug-Free Prevention Of Postnatal Depression
  79. 'Too Few' Health Visitors To Meet Call For More Postnatal Depression Treatment, UK
  80. Osteoporosis? Look Out For Depression
  81. News From The Annals Of Internal Medicine, Jan. 20, 2009
  82. Moderate Drinking Helps Healthy Older Patients
  83. Staggering Economy Hits Beer Sales
  84. CSPI Challenges NCAA Alcohol Ad Claims
  85. A Lack In Research And Effective Treatments For Body Dysmorphic Disorder
  86. News From Biology Of Reproduction, February 2009
  87. Anxious Older Adults May Benefit From Antidepressants
  88. Prenatal Cocaine Exposure Impairs Infants' Response To Stress, University Of Buffalo
  89. DrugScope Welcomes Report On 'neglected Issue' Of Prescription And Over-the-counter M
  90. Moderation Management Works for Some, Study Says
  91. States Using Alcohol Tax Increases to Address Budget Woes
  92. Ohio Legislature Repeals UPPL Law
  93. Raising Alcohol Taxes Reduces Drinking, Study Says
  94. Youth Rehabilitation & Treatment Center At Geneva, Nebraska, Receives National Reaccr
  95. Australian Study Links Alcohol-Containing Mouthwash to Cancer
  96. Greater Risk Of Preterm Birth A Consequence Of Binge Drinking
  97. Tougher Health And Safety Law Demands Tougher Drugs Policies
  98. DrugScope Responds As NTA Publishes First Comprehensive Data On Young People In Treat
  99. Light Alcohol May Reduce Disability In Healthy Seniors
  100. New Jersey Needle-Exchange Program Reports Some Success, Areas For Improvement
  101. Government Of Canada Works With Aboriginal Groups In Alberta To Curb Illicit Drug Use
  102. RCN Responds To New ONS Alcohol Statistics, UK
  103. Binge Drinking Leads To A Greater Risk Of Preterm Birth
  104. College President Responds To New ONS Figures Showing A Rise In The Number Of People
  105. Research Investigates The Effectiveness Of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  106. Over 20% Lifetime Risk Of Men Developing Alcohol Dependence Disorder
  107. Single Brain Cell Can Store Memory
  108. Drug Treatment Enhanced by Technology
  109. Study: One in Five Men at Risk of Alcohol Abuse
  110. Lose More Than Weight With Imported Diet Pills Cautions Doctor
  111. Discovery Of Brain's Memory 'Buffer' In Single Cells
  112. Oregon Partnership Tells Claire‚??s: Response To Flask Flap Comes Up Woefully Short
  113. Oregon Partnership Tells Claire‚??s Stores: Don‚??t Sell Flasks To Young Customers!
  114. Advocates Call on ‚??Tween Stores to Stop Selling Flasks
  115. Oregon Partnership Tells Claire's: Response To Flask Flap Comes Up Woefully Short
  116. Advocates Call on 'Tween Stores to Stop Selling Flasks
  117. NBA to Allow Courtside Liquor Ads
  118. Spycams in Wisconsin Bars Proposed
  119. During Fertility Treatment Anxiety And Depression Do Not Affect Pregnancy And Treatme
  120. Call For Move Toward Street-Based Services Working With Young People On Their Own 'Te
  121. Depression, Anxiety Among Overweight Teenagers Varies By Race, Ethnicity, Study Finds
  122. Comprehensive Analysis Shows Sertraline And Escitalopram Are The Best Of 12 New-Gener
  123. Treatment Helps Women on Welfare Get Jobs, CASA Report Finds
  124. Peer Advice Helps Cut Heavy Drinking Among College Students
  125. Aussie Study Says Alcohol Aids Male Sexual Performance
  126. Drug Use is Biggest Risk Factor for Tuberculosis in U.S., Study Says
  127. Study Says Drug Use the Biggest Risk Factor for Tuberculosis in U.S.
  128. Smoking Teenagers Make Depressed Adults
  129. Smoking Is Not An Individual Disease; It Is A Collective Health Epidemic
  130. Depressive Symptoms Related To Menopause Eased By Omega-3s
  131. Understanding The Sleep-Wake Cycle
  132. Five-Point Plan For Alcohol-Free Childhood, UK
  133. NCB Welcomes Government's Bold Move To Set 'Age And Stage'medical Guidance On Young P
  134. Dentists Facing Depression And Suicide
  135. Gene Polymorphisms Associated With Increased Cancer Risk In Alcohol Drinkers
  136. Grand Island Independent Examines ADAP Waiting List In Nebraska
  137. Report Says Sex, Drugs, and Alcohol Common in NFL Ads
  138. Internet Program Helps Prevent Depression In Teens
  139. Intervention Method Reduces Binge Drinking
  140. CDC Recognizes UCSF's Research As Critical To HIV Prevention
  141. Possible Link Between Teen Smoking And Adult Depression
  142. Perceptions And Experiences Of Homeless Youth Vary By Race, UCSF Study Shows
  143. UK Government Consults Health Professionals On Youth Alcohol Consumption Guidance
  144. This Month's Family Murder-Suicides Only "The Tip Of The Iceberg" Sociologist Says
  145. The Paradox Of Temptation
  146. Genetics Is The Most Important Factor In Explaining The Link Between Sleep Problems E
  147. Trust's Substance Misuse In-Patient Detoxification Services Receive Excellent, UK
  148. National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund Awards 20 Advocacy In Action Grants
  149. NIDA Study Shows That Methylphenidate (Ritalin) Causes Neuronal Changes In Brain Rewa
  150. Stress-Induced Depression And Comorbidities: From Bench To Bedside
  151. Army Suicide Rate at 30-Year Peak
  152. Alcohol Industry Not Recession-Proof
  153. Alcohol Industry Is 'Recession Resilient'; Not 'Recession Proof'
  154. Heavy Marijuana Use May Damage Developing Brain In Teens, Young Adults
  155. Neurobiological Mechanisms In Major Depressive Disorder
  156. SSRIs May Reduce Suicide In Adults
  157. More Media Exposure During Teen Years Linked To Higher Depression Likelihood During Y
  158. Military Addiction Treatment Bill Introduced
  159. I Quit, We Quit - Which Works Better? Scotland
  160. Postpartum Depression Predicted By Elevated Levels Of Pregnancy Hormone
  161. Hormone Level During Pregnancy May Identify Women At Risk For Postpartum Depression
  162. Teens Who Frequently Go Out With Friends More Likely To Use Marijuana
  163. U.S. Delegation To U.N. Drug Policy Summit Should Support Harm-Reduction Efforts, Edi
  164. Mental Illness By Itself Does Not Predict Future Violent Behavior
  165. Combined Measures Of Maternal Drinking Can Predict Resulting Problems In Children
  166. Damage From Early Alcohol Exposure May Be Counteracted By Zinc Supplements During Pre
  167. Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Initiates Clinical Trial Of SerdaxinTM To Treat Depressi
  168. Risk Of Further Suicide Attempts Increased By Nightmares
  169. Majority Of Local Drug Treatment Networks Score Top Ratings In National Review
  170. ASPS Twins Study Finds Environmental Factors Trump Genetics In Facial Aging
  171. Tobacco Smoke And Alcohol Harm Liver Worse As Combo
  172. Among Alcohol-Dependent Patients Genetics May Predict Risk For Relapse
  173. More Liver Injury Caused By Chronic Drinking Than Acute Or Binge Drinking
  174. RAND Study Estimates Methamphetamine Use Cost The US About $23 Billion In 2005
  175. Beer Commercials Among Favorite Super Bowl Ads for Teens
  176. 'Free the Bowl' Winners Announced
  177. Economic Study Estimates Meth Abuse Costs The U.S. $23.4 Billion
  178. Wall Street Journal Examines Unsafe Injection Practices That Could Spread HIV, Other
  179. Gene's Role In Severity Of Drinking Revealed: Findings Could Lead To More Personalize
  180. Needle-Exchange Programs Not Widely Available In Ireland, Report Says
  181. Study Examines Depression Among Arab, Chaldean, African Immigrants In Detroit
  182. Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Initiates Clinical Trial Of Serdaxin(TM) To Treat Depre
  183. Psychologist To Discuss Links Between Impulsive Anger, Depression In 2009 Basowitz Le
  184. Faces & Voices: Discuss 'Moments of Clarity' Online with Lawford
  185. Gene that Plays Role in Drinking Intensity Identified
  186. 7 Year-Old Boy Is Youngest Case Of Suicide Attempt
  187. Mentally Ill More Susceptible To Narcotics
  188. The Young Attracted By Alcohol Adverts
  189. Suicidal Thoughts In Army Vets 'Under The Radar,' Says Specialist
  190. Governments Must Focus On Price, Availability And Affordability To Tackle Alcohol Mis
  191. The Shortsightedness Of Youth
  192. Detecting Suicidal Thoughts In Army Vets
  193. Alcohol Units to Appear on U.K. Guinness Glasses
  194. Alcohol Units to Appear on Guinness Glasses
  195. Testicular Cancer Risk Linked To Marijuana Smoking
  196. Urge the NBA to Ban Courtside Liquor Ads
  197. Urge the NBA to Ban Courtside Booze Ads
  198. Stress Can Be The Cause Unexplained Chest Pain
  199. AP/Los Angeles Times Examines Efforts To End Unsafe Injection Practices That Could Sp
  200. Frequent And/Or Long-Term Users Of Marijuana At Increased Risk Of Testicular Cancer
  201. New Resource to Help Parents Confront Youth Drug Use
  202. MillerCoors Reports Big Drop in Net Income
  203. For the Health (and Economy) of the Nation: Time to Tax Alcohol Fairly
  204. Government Of Canada To Work With Ontario And Ottawa To Prevent Substance Abuse Among
  205. Elle Macpherson Leads Support For The 1st Children Of Alcoholics Week
  206. Low Cholesterol, Depression Linked To Early Death
  207. American Pain Society And American Academy Of Pain Medicine Recommendations Help Phys
  208. Genetic Risk For Substance Use Can Be Neutralized By Good Parenting
  209. Brief Intervention Decreases Risky Alcohol Use in Postpartum Women
  210. Alcohol Contributes to Fall Risk among Working-aged Individuals
  211. Neural Circuitry Of Near-Misses May Explain The Allure Of Gambling
  212. A Method For Detecting 23 Drugs And Medicines In Saliva Has Been Developed
  213. UT Southwestern Performs First Local Implant In Deep Brain Stimulation Study For Depr
  214. Growing Up With Heroin-Addicted Parent: Girls More Resilient Than Boys
  215. DrugScope Responds To Advisory Council's Review Of Ecstasy, UK
  216. Some Lawmakers Say Recession Argues Against Smoking Bans
  217. Seattle's Top Cop to Be Obama's Drug Czar
  218. Md. Senator Pulls Beer Pong Ban Legislation
  219. Classroom Lesson to Help Teens Analyze 'March Madness' Beer Ads
  220. Classrom Lesson to Help Teens Analyze 'March Madness' Beer Ads
  221. Startling Numbers Of Active-Military Personnel Engaging In Frequent Binge Drinking
  222. More Effort Needed To Prevent Mental, Emotional, And Behavioral Disorders In Young Pe
  223. Binge Drinking Endemic in Military
  224. Liquor Ads Return to Prime Time
  225. IPI Expands Consortium Of Leading Children's Hospitals With Addition Of Two Nationall
  226. No Link Found Between Heroin Clinics And Crime
  227. Iron Overload: An Important Co-Factor In The Development Of Liver Disease In Alcoholi
  228. Drug To Treat Opioid Addiction Identified By Stanford Scientists
  229. Medical Prescription Of Heroin Does Not Pose Neighborhood Risk
  230. Anti-Social Behavior In Girls Predicts Adolescent Depression Seven Years Later
  231. Risk Factors For Suicidal Events Found Among Adolescents With Treatment-Resistant Dep
  232. Injections Of Licorice Ingredient Show Promise As Treatment For Cocaine Addiction
  233. Kansas Governor Top Candidate for HHS Secretary
  234. Alabama Lawmakers Push for Stronger Beer
  235. DrugScope Responds To Publication Of NICE Guidelines On Needle And Syringe Programmes
  236. University Of Edinburgh And Castle Craig Hospital Launch Pilot Study For Hyperbaric O
  237. Proteasome Inhibition Affects Epigenetic Mechanisms
  238. Ignoring Scientific Advice About Illegal Drugs In Favour Of Politically And Morally M
  239. Research Published In Genetics May Open Doors To Entirely New Types Of Treatments For
  240. 60 Minutes Story on College Binge Drinking Highlights Importance of Limiting Youth Ac
  241. Study Links Internet Addiction To Aggression In Teens
  242. States Loosening Alcohol Laws to Raise Revenues
  243. Beer Distributor Covers Bud Billboard
  244. Tackling Human Cost Of Alcohol Misuse Requires Tough Action, Says Doctors' Leader, BM
  245. Womens' Mental Health Problems Worsen, Somerset, England
  246. Higher Risk Of Depression For Diabetic Women During And After Pregnancy
  247. Regular Light Alcohol Drinking Raises Cancer Risk For Women
  248. Prescribing Treatment For Drug-Addicted Doctors
  249. Simple Techniques Can Help Avoid Overindulgence
  250. Hormone Disorder Drug Could Help Drinkers Stay Sober