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Treatment Centers

Seeking Drug Abuse Treatment – Know what to ask if you are in search of effective treatment for substance abuse.

Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment – A research based guide to addiction treatment provided by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

The Burden of Drug Abuse & Addiction – Medications Development at NIDA.

Hospital Emergency Room Visits – The facts about how many people have been admitted to the ER for drug related problems.

A New Treatment for Addiction – The American Psychological Association explores buprenorphine and other medications.

Counseling in the Treatment of Addiction – An HBO Addiction summary of the role that talk therapy plays in treating addiction.

National Institute on Drug Abuse – Bringing the power of science to drug abuse and addiction.

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism – Provides leadership in the national effort to reduce alcohol-related problems.

Al-Anon – Family groups offer support for the relatives and friends of individuals who are addicted to alcohol.

Alcoholics Anonymous – A 12-step recovery program that is widely used both in and out of treatment.

American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry – A professional association of addiction psychiatrists that works to help people overcome addiction.

American Medication Association – The office of alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse prevention provides support and care for those who are chemically dependent.

Center for Substance Abuse Prevention – A national leadership effort to prevent alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse problems.

Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America – A national non-profit organization that represents the interests of community-based coalitions by providing advocacy, training and assistance.

Join Together – A program of the Boston University School of Public Health.

Narcotics Anonymous – Help and support for those suffering from various types of substance abuse.

How Depression Treatment Centers Help you Feel Better

depression counseling

Depression affects millions of people worldwide causing grief and despair that interferes with regular routines, happiness and lifestyle satisfaction. According to the University of Michigan Health System, depression is most often recognized early in life during the late teens or early stages of adulthood. Unfortunately, the signs are often overlooked allowing the severity of the….

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Finding Help for an Alcohol Use Disorder

alcohol abuse help

If you suspect that you have an alcohol disorder and have had complications due to your alcohol use, it helps to know the trouble signs so you can make a change early. An alcohol use disorder is defined by The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism as a “medical condition that doctors can diagnose….

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5 Signs Your Loved One Needs Drug Rehab

drug abuse

Drug use is a serious problem that affects millions of people. Early recognition of the problem can help you to determine whether your loved one needs drug rehab. While you may not want to think about it, without drug rehab, many addicts will continue down a path of destruction that leads them directly to their….

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How Drug Addiction Treatment Can Change Your Life

how rehab works

If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs, considering treatment may be a last step resort and a decision that you’re just not quite ready to make yet. However, drug addiction treatment can and will change your life for the better if you’re willing to accept the help that is available to you,….

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The Need for Integrated Treatment at Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

co-occurring disorders treatment

Alcohol and drug addictions can slowly destroy a person’s life from the inside out. People in drug addiction treatment contend with ongoing pressures and challenges brought about by the long-term effects of drug use. When recovering addicts must also contend with a psychological disorder, the recovery process becomes that much more difficult. Within the addiction’s….

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Understanding Why Long Term Addiction Treatment is Recommended

addiction treatment centers

Research suggests that people who attend long term addiction treatment are more likely to succeed in their recovery and to have a reduced chance of relapse following treatment. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “treatment approaches and individual programs continue to evolve and diversify, and many programs today do not fit neatly into….

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Challenges You May Encounter in Drug Abuse Treatment

recovery from addiction

The decision to enter drug abuse treatment is, in essence, a decision to enter into a new way of life. After months or years of drug abuse, the damaging effects of drugs have created a negative quality of life that affects both a person’s physical and psychological well-being. According to the National Institute on Drug….

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Helping a Loved One through Bulimia Treatment and Recovery

recovery from bulimia

Hardships of Bulimia According to the National Eating Disorders Association, bulimia is a serious and potentially life-threatening eating disorder. Bulimia is characterized by a cycle of bingeing and compensatory behaviors, which include self-induced vomiting to undo or compensate for the effects of binge eating. Bulimia is a devastating eating disorder that will have numerous negative….

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