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Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drugs: Abuse & Addiction – National Institute on Drug Abuse guide to prescription drug abuse and addiction.

Prescription Drug Abuse – Medline Plus, the U.S. National Library of Medicine, information on prescription drug abuse.

Office of National Drug Control Policy – Prescription drug abuse prevention and CDC control information from the White House.

Prescription Drug Abuse: CDC Answers Your Questions – A PBS Newshour report on prescription drug abuse.

Which Prescription Drugs do Americans Abuse Most? – A PBS Newshour report on prescription drugs that are most widely abused in America.

Teens Health from Nemours – Guide to prescription drug abuse in teens and the dangers of leaving medications in the hands of youth.

Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs – A report of the most commonly abuse prescription medications from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.


Preventing and recognizing prescription drug abuse – National Institute on Drug Abuse guide to prescription drug use prevention.

Combating Misuse and Abuse of Prescription Drugs – A question and answer segment with Michael Klein, Ph.D.


Treating Prescription Drug Addiction – National Institute on Drug Abuse provides information on the treatment of prescription addiction.

The Facts about Buprenorphine – Information on the treatment of opioid addiction using the medication Buprenorphine.

The Facts about Naltrexone – Information on the treatment of opioid addiction using the medication Naltrexone.

Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction – Facts for families and friends of those who enter into a medication-assisted treatment program for opioid addiction.

Know What to Ask – Information about the questions that you should ask when seeking effective treatment for prescription drug abuse and addiction.


Prescription Painkiller Overdoses – CDC on the use and abuse of methadone as a painkiller.

Fentanyl – Description, effects and dangers from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Misuse of Opioid Medication – Risk factors and what you should know about misusing opioids.

DEA on Narcotics – A complete overview from the Drug Enforcement Agency on narcotics.

Amphetamines & Stimulants – Drug Facts from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.


Prescription Painkiller Overdoses – A growing epidemic among men, women and children.

Painkiller Overdoses in the United States – A CDC Vital signs overview of the number of people who overdose on prescription medications each year in the U.S.

Emergency Department Visits Involving Stimulant Medications – A Drug Abuse Warning Network report from SAMHSA.

Non-Medical Use and Abuse of Prescription-type Drugs – From the Office of Applied Studies, an overview of the dangers of prescription drug use.

State Estimates of Nonmedical Use of Prescription Pain Relievers – A National Survey on Drug Use and Health report on the level of prescription pain reliever abuse in each state.

Trends in Prescription Drug Abuse – A report from the National Institute on Drug Abuse regarding prescription drug abuse trends.

Benefits of Private Prescription Drug Treatment

Private prescription drug treatment program

When you are addicted to prescription medications, private drug treatment can be the most beneficial option to assure your greatest chance of making a full recovery. Unlike traditional treatment centers that may be funded by insurance coverage or state policy, private prescription drug treatment programs are privately funded and this allows for ample resources, better….

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Hooked on prescription drugs

prescription drugs addiction

What happened to Michael Jackson was heartbreaking. I think that he was frightened all his life and took prescription drugs to deal with it. I did the same. I was addicted to an anti-anxiety drug — as was Jackson, reportedly — and they can be more addictive and harder to come off than heroin. Why….

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Legal but lethal.

Prescription drugs addiction

Medicines are supposed to save lives, but as with all things that are not used responsibly, they end up killing people more often than not when they are abused. It’s not just illegal drugs that kill; even the ones that are prescribed have the potential to become dangerous when they are not used as they….

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Methadone clinic’s biggest headache is misperceptions

Methadone overdose

Calgary facility on move for third time since 2003 Lisa Jovetic isn’t the kind of woman who often comes to mind when people grumble about drug addicts. The once happily married mother of two and self-described “goody-goody” got hooked on drugs nearly five years ago after she was hospitalized for pneumonia and contracted a superbug…..

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Youths’ drug of choice? Prescription

prescription drug abuse problem

Baby boomers made marijuana their ‘gateway’ — and some still can’t let go, a report says — but a younger generation finds prescription drugs are an easier score. It’s been four decades since the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, but aging baby boomers haven’t stopped turning on. The federal government’s National Survey on Drug….

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Pain Killers And Stimulants Less Risky Than Cocaine, More Risky Than Marijuana, According To College Freshmen

prescription pain killers addiction

First year college students believe that occasional nonmedical use of prescription pain killers and stimulants is less risky than cocaine, but more risky than marijuana or consuming five or more alcoholic beverages every weekend, according to a new study published in the September issue of Prevention Science, the peer-reviewed journal of the Society for Prevention….

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Are Americans in Denial about the Widespread Abuse of Prescription Drugs?

Abuse of Prescription Drugs Treatment

CASA’s just-released National Survey of American Attitudes on Substance Abuse, has found that those who fail to monitor their children’s school night activities, safeguard their prescription drugs, address the problem of drugs in their children’s schools, and set good examples increase the risk that their 12-17 year old children will smoke, drink, and use illegal….

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