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Drug Addiction

Finding Effective Drug Addiction Treatment – A guide to finding the right treatment from the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration.

Seeking Drug Abuse Treatment: Know What to Ask – Information & guidance to help those in search of effective drug abuse treatment from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Medline Plus Guide to Substance Abuse – Trusted information on drugs and substance abuse from the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

The Partnership at DrugFree.org – Drug abuse prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery resources.

Mayo Clinic on Drug Addiction – Signs, symptoms, causes and treatment for drug addiction and substance abuse related problems.

The Science Behind Drug Abuse & Addiction – NIDA on the science of drug abuse and what causes addiction.

NIDA for Teens – Facts, support, intervention and scientific research behind drug abuse and addiction in teens.

Center for Substance Abuse Treatment – Support, treatment and information for those suffering from substance abuse and addiction.

Assessment Tools – Drug addiction assessment and review tools for treatment providers.

National Drug Addiction Support Groups

Narcotics Anonymous – Help for those suffering from addiction to narcotics, NA is free to join and support groups can be found around the world.

Cocaine Anonymous – CA support groups offer a helping hand to those in recovery from cocaine addiction. Members follow twelve steps and support one another through recovery.

Crystal Meth Anonymous – A fellowship of men and women who support one another through recovery from crystal meth addiction.

Marijuana Anonymous – A support group where men and women share their strength, experience and hope in recovery from marijuana addiction.

Narconon – Support for those suffering from drug addiction and for the family members of addicts.

Medical-marijuana use can block chance at transplant

Timothy Garon’s face and arms are hauntingly skeletal, but the fluid building up in his abdomen makes the 56-year-old musician look eight months pregnant. His liver, ravaged by hepatitis C, is failing. Without a new one, his doctors tell him, he will be dead in days. But Garon has been refused a spot on the….

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Why should we care about cannabis?

Approximately 4 per cent of the world’s adults – some 162 million people – use cannabis every year, making it the world’s most widely used illicit drug. In some countries, more than half of all young people have tried it. In spite of this high rate of usage, many basic facts about cannabis remain obscure…..

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The big problem – drugs and alcohol

I started needing alcohol in the morning to function “Generally, people don’t have a clear concept of what the treatment for drug addiction is … they come either with no expectations or with various expectations,” said Dan Wolf, psychologist and managing director of The Gap and First Step, two drug rehabilitation centres in Johannesburg. “People….

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The seriously inconvenient truth on drugs

For those who warmly applaud Gordon Brown’s declared desire to toughen up the law on cannabis, raising it from a Class C to Class B drug, there is always a simple question. How would you react if your son, or perhaps your grandchild – otherwise law-abiding and blameless citizens – were caught with that drug….

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N.Y. among highest rates of drug, alcohol use in country

alcohol use problems

Nearly 1.4 million New Yorkers abuse or are dependent on alcohol, drugs or both. A new report from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provided this and other information about substance abuse and mental health patterns in each state. Rates vary state to state, but all areas of the country are affected….

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Children who smoke cannabis are twice as likely to offend

Children who smoke cannabis are twice as likely to get into trouble – both in the classroom and outside the school gates. Boys turn to vandalism, theft and fights, while girls misbehave at school, a four-year study of thousands of pupils aged between 11 and 15 found. Young males are also up to twice as….

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