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Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Resources

Alcoholics Anonymous – A free to join fellowship of men and women who work together to support one another in the recovery from alcohol addiction.

Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator – Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) a division of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services directory of treatment facilities.

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism (NIAAA) – Details and information on the causes, diagnosis, effects and treatment of alcohol addiction.

Mayo Clinic on Alcoholism – Mayo Clinic guide to alcoholism including the definition of alcoholism, details on causes and symptoms and treatment options.

CDC on Alcohol – Frequently asked questions and details on the effects that alcohol has on public health from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

Alcohol Screening – Find out how much drinking is too much with this confidential screening assessment.

The Problems with Problem Drinking – Alcohol addiction information and treatment for Military members and Veterans.

Stop Underage Drinking – Details and informative guides pertaining to alcohol abuse prevention in teens.

Drug Addiction Treatment Resources

Finding Effective Drug Addiction Treatment – Comprehensive guide to finding treatment.

Seeking Drug Abuse Treatment: Know What to Ask – National Institute on Drug Abuse provides a list of questions to assist in finding effective drug addiction treatment.

Treatment Approaches for Drug Addiction – National Institute on Drug Abuse guide to methods of addiction treatment.

Treatment & Drugs – Mayo Clinic guide to drug abuse treatment and the types of medications that are used in effective addiction treatment programs.

Medication Assisted Treatment for Substance Use Disorders – SAMHSA guide to medication-assisted treatment of drug addiction.

Persons Who Use Drugs – CDC guide to help reduce or stop substance abuse.

Substance Abuse Treatment Fact Sheet – HIV prevention issues related to substance abuse treatment.

National Support Groups

Narcotics Anonymous – A free to join support group helping people recover from drug addiction.

Cocaine Anonymous – A twelve step support group for those in recovery from cocaine addiction.

Crystal Meth Anonymous – A fellowship of men and women in recovery from methamphetamine addiction.

Marijuana Anonymous – A support group for those in recovery from marijuana addiction.

Narconon – Support for those suffering from drug addiction and for the family members of addicts.

Secular Organizations for Sobriety – A support group similar to AA without the religious affiliation or higher power.

Women for Sobriety – A fellowship of women dedicated to overcoming alcoholism and addictions.

Smart Recovery – Non-twelve step recovery through self-empowerment and self-directed change.

Addiction Treatment Outside the US

UK Alcohol Addiction Treatment – Support and local help from the NHS for those suffering from alcohol addiction in the UK.

Alcohol Treatment in Australia – From the Department of Health & Ageing find help and treatment programs in each state or territory.

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse – Help for members of Canada in search of addiction treatment.

Australian Government National Drugs Campaign – Help for those suffering from drug addiction and substance abuse in Australia.

New hope for heroin users: Naltrexone implants.

A study at the University of Western Australia has found that heroin addicts with naltrexone implants are far less likely to return to heroin use than those taking oral tablets. But critics are sceptical about the study and say that naltrexone is still a risky option for drug users trying to kick the habit. Naltrexone….

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Long Term Drug Rehab

There are all sorts of methodologies for treating alcohol and drug addiction. Some just require a couple weeks. Most emphasize one month of treatment stay. However, if the addiction is severe enough, a long term drug rehab program may be in the best interest. More and more addiction treatment facilities are emphasizing a 90-day treatment….

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To help, or at least do no harm

Canada’s Health Minister urgently needs an education in harm reduction. Announcing his intention to shut down Insite, the supervised injection facility serving drug addicts in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, Tony Clement told the House of Commons health committee that “supervised injection is not medicine; it does not heal the person addicted to drugs.” Mr. Clement got….

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Professional ex-s´

I have found really interesting article in Journal of Contemporary Ethnography from 1991. The author, J. David Brown, is Assistant professor of sociology at Northern Illinois University who had struggled for 13 years with substance abuse problems, then he went to rehab and after then, he started to be a counselor himself. He uses the….

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Bill seeks proof of rehab home compliance

Senate Health Committee expected to consider bill that would cause facilities to prove they meet certain licensing requirements. A bill that would create more hurdles for drug and alcohol programs seeking licenses from the state is making its way through the California State Assembly. Assembly Bill 2903 would make recovery homes offer proof to the….

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Basing treatment on faith

At one time, Randy and Kim Cox had no idea they’d be dedicat­ing their lives to a program like Rivers of Hope Ministries. They were missionaries based in Russia for 10 years before returning to the States, where they spent time both in Randy’s native Texas and Kim’s hometown of Prattville. In Russia, a country….

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