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The Challenges of Alcohol Abuse Treatment

For those who have not attempted alcohol abuse treatment before the challenges of alcohol abuse treatment may not be evident at first but there actually are many challenges that an individual will face when they enter treatment for alcohol addiction. Some of the most common challenges associated with alcohol abuse treatment include those associated with the physical dependence on alcohol and the withdrawals associated with the alcohol abuse but additional challenges arise in terms of healing emotionally and spiritually, rebuilding relationships and finding a new life balance after alcohol abuse treatment is complete.

Physical Challenges of Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Physically, alcohol abuse is draining and can result in the development of many alcohol abuse treatment related challenges such as withdrawals during alcohol detoxification, discomforts and a range of symptoms that can be mild to moderate or even deadly. Alcohol detox is the very first step of any alcohol abuse treatment program and also the most challenging step. It’s likely that during alcohol detox you will feel uncomfortable, sick, tired, and you may even feel like you just can’t go through with it but once you have surpassed this major hurdle the challenges that you are faced with in the coming months will seem much easier to accomplish.

Relationship Challenges of Alcohol Abuse Treatment

When you abuse alcohol you probably have caused some broken relationships along the way. Alcohol abuse results in fights between even the best of friends and family and can make healing from this pain difficult. Relationships suffer greatly as the result of alcohol abuse and it’s like that your next challenge during alcohol abuse treatment will be to rebuild and repair broken relationships between your friends and family members. Another common relationship challenge will occur when you leave treatment and are faced with the difficult decision to cut off those friends who still have alcohol abuse problems and can further hinder your recovery. At this time you will also begin to search for new friends that will be supportive in your recovery efforts.

Emotional and Spiritual Healing Challenges of Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Emotionally and spiritually, you are probably feeling drained and empty. Many emotional challenges arise as the result of alcohol abuse and the subsequent treatment. Spiritually, you may have lost faith and now is the time to get that faith back on track. Most alcohol abuse treatment centers will provide you with spiritual guidance and healing opportunities to help you to rebuild faith in not only yourself but in others and in a higher power if you so choose. Emotionally, talking with a counselor or therapist and rebuilding relationships with your friends and family members can be of great benefit.

Challenges with Finding Life Balance Post Alcohol Abuse Treatment

When you are using alcohol regularly things begin to revolve around alcohol and drinking. You may no longer wake up at a regular time and sleep at a normal time, you may not have a job or go to school. Things just seem to spiral out of control and there really isn’t any balance, it’s all about alcohol. Part of alcohol abuse treatment is to teach you how to find a new life balance after treatment so that you don’t end up with so much free time that results in the spiral out of control action. A common challenge is to find a balance in life after treatment when you no longer add alcohol into the daily mix but you will be able to make some better decisions about balancing out your life after you have gained the tools and skills that are provided to you during alcohol abuse treatment.

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